Sunday, August 6, 2017

Beauty Review - Foot Peeling Mask by THE FACE SHOP

Okay, its a bit late for summer but I finally got my hands on one of those foot peels that give you baby feet!

Foot Peeling Mask from The Face Shop

A number of different Japanese/Korean companies make similar products at different price points but they all seem to have the same active ingredients.  Lactic Acid and/or Salicylic Acid.  You place your foot in the plastic boot, pour the magical liquid in and seal it.  Wait a few hours and wash it off.  The actual peeling takes a few days.  In my case, exactly one week.

Depending on the brand, the directions may or may NOT state to soak your feet for 20-30 minutes first.  I HIGHLY recommend that you do - especially if your feet are particularly dry/cracked.  My first try with these type of foot peeling masks (diff company) yielded ZERO results - I assume thats because I didn't soak my feet. This attempt was quite successful.

The effects of peeling mid-process can be kinda gross feeling.  I, uh, helped things along by gently scrubbing with a pumic stone.  Although not quite finished, I can see the difference already.  Scroll down to the end if you want to see a "in-progress" photo!

Conclusion: Try it out!  I liked the peeling mask from The Face Shop as it smelled wonderful as well but I also saw different no-named brands in the Japanese Market for half the price!

Stop here if you don't want to see peeling feet!

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